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Welcome to my blog: We´ll talk about photography and everything related!

My life as a photographer

First of all, welcome to my blog!, where we will talk about all things related to photography. We will talk about gear, some reviews, techniques and tips, street photography, portrait photography, the business of photography and much more.

Let me introduce myself

I´m Humberto Segura, chilean born and raised, but since 2017 living and not leaving Barcelona Spain. I'm a father of two baby boys, two beautiful twins, who are half dutch half chilean, as my partner she is from The Netherlands.

Before 2016, the road to Barcelona was never there, I never imagined myself living here and even more, having a family here. It has certainly been a gift of life and an amazing adventure.

The thing is, that before 2016 I was working as a lawyer, my life was pretty much set into that direction as I was working in the public prosecutors office in Santiago, Chile.

My office work was rewarding some times, but most of the times I had that weird feeling of lacking a purpose and direction in life.

Back then, one of the things that kept me going and enjoying, was photography. I initiate into this beautiful world, back in 2007 when I lived for a year in Australia.

I had the time and curiosity to dive deep into photography and it was certainly an awakening experience.

I never let go to that, ever since 2007 I was almost all the time that I had to spare, with a camera on my hands.

The big decision

The year was 2016 and surely, I wasn't happy at my job and a bit hopeless about my future, this is how, after a lot of thinking and research, I decided to give myself some more time at work, save some more money, and begin a new life in Barcelona.

September the 2nd of 2017, I arrived to Barcelona. Second time in this city, but now, for at least 2 years (little that I knew!).

It has been almost 6 years now, I studied photography at "Grisart Escuela Internacional", and nowadays making my way as a photographer.

The road hasn't been easy, it's hard work and a lot of energy to endure the bad moments.

But one thing's for sure, the rewards are huge!.

My mission

Over the many years I have been involved with photography I have learn a lot!. About the technical part, the gear, the business side and everything in between.

That's why I want to share it with all of you. So you can make informed decisions, or learn something along the way. Maybe about how to use a camera, how to choose one, how to use Lightroom or Photoshop or about lighting for portraits or products.

I mean, there's so much to learn and that I can help with.

So welcome, let's share our passion about photography!

Let's create community

So there you go!, let's use this space to learn, to share and to start creating!

Let's share our passion about photography!

If there's any subject you would like to learn, please leave it on the comments!

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